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10 delicious pork lemongrass skewer in Hue for traveller

quán nem lụi ngon ở Huế, nem lụi, nem lụi, nem lụi Huế

Referring to delicious food in Hue, people will think of beef vermicelli, sour shrimp, vermicelli with mussels, mussel rice… But Hue also has a dish that everyone who eats it is always praised for its deliciousness, which is Hue pork lemongrass skewer. Very few shops in Hue only specialize in selling pork lemongrass skewer, usually…

6 Best “Banh beo, nam, loc” restaurants in Hue you should know

Quán bèo nậm lọc ngon ở Huế

Delicious “banh beo, banh nam, banh loc” restaurant in Hue is a topic that many people are particularly interested in, not only first-time visitors to Hue, but also Hue natives who also want to find the best banh beo restaurant in Hue. Hue is considered a paradise of cakes, the most famous of which are…

The most attractive sweet soup shops you should know in Hue, Vietnam

Chè Huế

Hue sweet soup, so-called “Che Hue”, has many delicious dishes with its own flavor and characteristics. Among those delicious dishes, you cannot ignore Hue sweet soup. With delicious, diverse promises to satisfy all diners when visiting this ancient capital. In the article, let’s go with La Que to find out what are the delicious sweet…

Bicycle rental in Hue – Hue discovery tour by bicycle

Cho thuê xe đạp ở Huế

Renting a bicycle in Hue to explore and experience Hue tourism is the need of many tourists. Especially tourists who are passionate about cycling. It is very inconvenient to bring a bicycle for travel. Renting a bicycle is still a suitable option for many tourists. In this article, La Que Travel will introduce to visitors…