Afternoon Tea Cruise On Perfume River

tea on perfume river

Afternoon Tea Cruise On Perfume River is a short experience tour for visitors who want to feel more deeply about the romantic Perfume River. Coming to Afternoon Tea on the Perfume River, visitors will experience afternoon tea on a luxury wooden boat. Enjoy tea with cakes and jams typical of Hue.

1. Afternoon Tea Cruise On Perfume River

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15h15 – 15h30: Pick up guests at tourist boat wharf 5 Le Loi. (There is a car park)
15:30: Boat disembark, start Tea Enjoying Tour, Watching Sunset of Hue on Perfume River
Boat up the Perfume River, across Da Vien Bridge. The guest passed by An Hien garden house, Thien Mu pagoda.
Then, the boat downstream takes you back to Da Vien bridge, to the front of Quoc Hoc stele.
During the journey, you will enjoy afternoon tea. Watch the sunset of Hue through the banks of Huong Giang. Feel the ancient, contemplative landscape of the nervous place.
17h00: Boat takes you back to boat wharf 5 Le Loi.
End of Tour  and see you in the next programs.
Contact to book a tour: 0935088394

Afternoon tea on perfume river
High-class wooden boat for Sunset Tea Tour

2. Outstanding experiences in Afternoon Tea Tour on the Perfume River

“The river is used up The river does not flow, the river flows into the heart, so Hue is very deep”
(Thu Bon – Ha Duc Trong)

The activity of enjoying Afternoon Tea originates from the ancient culture. At that time, tea was only served to kings and aristocrats. Later, when it became more popular, the cup of tea stuck with the Vietnamese people through each teapot, the package of cakes to sip along with the story as a gift.

Inspired by this, along with the poetic beauty of the sunset of Hue, the tour Enjoy Afternoon Tea on the Perfume River was born. The tour gives you extremely interesting experiences such as:

The tea party is presented on wooden tables and high-class wooden boats.
Enjoy the aroma from Hue tea leaves, Hue lotus is specially prepared to keep the original delicious taste.
Enjoy delicious cakes, jams with cups of tea.
Enjoy the dreamy beauty of Hue at sunset. Boats go along the Perfume River for you to see the beauty of both sides of the river; In the distance is the ancient Thien Mu pagoda and Ngu Binh mountain.
There are beautiful “virtual live” photos. Check in to save good memories with your loved ones when coming to Hue.

Afternoon tea on perfume river
Afternoon tea on perfume river

3. Ticket price and Tour policy

Ticket price: 18 USD/Pax

Ticket prices for children:

Under 1 year old: Free ticket
From 1 to 3 years old: 50% of the ticket price
From 4 years old and up: 100% of ticket price

Tour includes:Western style standard European cake set includes

3 kinds of cakes
2 types of savory cakes
Seasonal fruits
Herbal tea/Hue lotus tea

Cakes may vary depending on the day.

Tour does not include:
Pick-up/drop-off vehicle.
Food and drinks other than the program
Other personal expenses.

Contact to book a tour: 0935088394

Afternoon teao on perfume river
Afternoon teao on perfume river

4. Guide to booking tickets and making Tours

Step 1: You contact the Hotline of La Que Travel for advice.
Step 2: You message via Zalo to book tickets and save the confirmation.
Step 3: Read carefully the instructions of La Que Travel: Guide to boat wharf 5 Le Loi. Guide to the boat. Instructions for contacting the boat manager.

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