10 delicious pork lemongrass skewer in Hue for traveller

Quán nem lụi ngon ở Huế (en translation)

Referring to delicious food in Hue, people will think of beef vermicelli, sour shrimp, vermicelli with mussels, mussel rice… But Hue also has a dish that everyone who eats it is always praised for its deliciousness, which is Hue pork lemongrass skewer. Very few shops in Hue only specialize in selling pork lemongrass skewer, usually pork lemongrass skewer will come with crispy pan cake, vermicelli seasoning. And of course, finding a good pork lemongrass skewer restaurant in Hue is something everyone is interested in, especially for first-time visitors to Hue.

And the main content of this article is to find you 10 delicious pork lemongrass skewer restaurant/shops in Hue for you to come and enjoy whenever you have the opportunity to travel.

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What is Hue pork lemongrass skewer?

Hue pork lemongrass skewer is a dish made up of raw pork lemongrass skewer mixed with ground pork, then lightly fermented. At this stage, we will be alive and well. The next step is to process pork lemongrass skewer into a familiar dish with Hue people – grilled spring rolls with rice paper. The raw pork lemongrass skewer are divided into small pieces, then wrapped on lemongrass, or bamboo sticks, and then cooked. After grilled, spring rolls will be served with raw vegetables, broth or sweet and sour fish sauce.

If you don’t have the conditions to roll pork lemongrass skewer onto lemongrass or chopsticks, you can grill them directly, or you can fry them in an oil pan. But baking pork lemongrass skewer with lemongrass is still the best way to cook spring rolls, used by many restaurants and restaurants in Hue.

quán nem lụi ngon ở Huế, nem lụi, nem lụi, nem lụi Huế

Hue pork lemongrass skewer

10 delicious pork lemongrass skewer rétaurant/shops in Hue

1. Tai Phu pork lemongrass skewer

Address: 2 Dien Bien Phu
Opening hours: 9am – 10pm

Tai Phu is a restaurant specializing in Hue dishes such as pork lemongrass skewer, banh xeo, and grilled meat vermicelli. And pork lemongrass skewer are considered delicious by many diners.

quán nem lụi ngon ở Huế, nem lụi, nem lụi, nem lụi Huế

Hue pork lemongrass skewer

2. Hong Mai pork lemongrass skewer

Address: 110 Dinh Tien Hoang
Open the door: 9am – 10pm

Hong Mai is considered one of the many delicious pork lemongrass skewer in Hue and has received many good reviews. The main dish that creates the Hong Mai brand is Hue crispy pancakes, besides there are many other dishes such as spring rolls, grilled pork vermicelli, seasoned vermicelli…

quán nem lụi ngon ở Huế, nem lụi, nem lụi, nem lụi Huế

Hue pork lemongrass skewer

3. Old Couple pork lemongrass skewer

Address: 25 Dao Duy Tu (Right in Dong Ba bridge zone)
Opening hours: 17h – 21h

This is a delicious pork lemongrass skewer shop in Hue but sold on the sidewalk, and can be considered the oldest restaurant in Hue. In fact, the shop has no name, but the owners is old couple, so everyone named themselves like that.

quán nem lụi ngon ở Huế, nem lụi, nem lụi, nem lụi HuếHue pork lemongrass skewer

4. Hung – Delicious pork lemongrass skewer shop in Hue

Address: 46 Nguyen Bieu
Opening hours: 17h – 21h

Considered a delicious, crowded pork lemongrass skewer restaurant in Hue. This is a production facility of all kinds of pork lemongrass skewer, pork hash wrapped in banana leaf. In the afternoon, they also serve pork lemongrass skewer for diners right in front of the house.

5. Ba Ty pork lemongrass skewer

Address: 81 Dao Duy Tu
Opening hours: 16h – 22h

Ba Ty’s restaurant is most famous for its grilled pork vermicelli, but guests who come here also eat grilled pork vermicelli and grilled pork lemongrass skewer. According to many people who have eaten here, all the dishes here are very well prepared, including pork lemongrass skewer.

quán nem lụi ngon ở Huế, nem lụi, nem lụi, nem lụi Huế

pork lemongrass skewer

6. Me Theo pork lemongrass skewer

Address: 64 Ba Trieu
Opening hours: 8am – 10pm

Me Theo restaurant is one of many famous noodle soup shops in Hue. And as introduced, pork lemongrass skewer are often sold with vermicelli seasoning, grilled meat vermicelli, crispy pancakes… Me Theo shop not only has delicious seasoned vermicelli, but also pork lemongrass skewer here. The downside here is that the restaurant is quite crowded at peak hours, so the service is still a bit slow.

quán nem lụi ngon ở Huế, nem lụi, nem lụi, nem lụi Huế

pork lemongrass skewer

7. Ms Hoa pork lemongrass skewer 

Address: 27 Mai Thuc Loan
Opening hours: 17h – 23h

Located in Mai Thuc Loan street food court, this is the place where many delicious restaurants gather such as beef vermicelli, mussel vermicelli, mussel rice, pork lemongrass skewer . Sister Hoa restaurant is considered as a general restaurant with many Hue specialties, and when you come here, remember to order pork lemongrass skewer right away.

quán nem lụi ngon ở Huế, nem lụi, nem lụi, nem lụi Huế

pork lemongrass skewer

8. Ms Tung  pork lemongrass skewer

Address: 47 Nguyen Cong Tru
Opening hours: 15h – 23h

9. Tran Phu Street pork lemongrass skewer

Address: 119 Tran Phu, Phuoc Vinh, Hue City
Opening hours: 14h00 – 21h00

10. Ms Phuong  – pork lemongrass skewer

Address: Huynh Thuc Khang intersection, Mai Thuc Loan, Hue City
Opening hours: 15h00 – 21h00

Above are the names and addresses of 10 pork lemongrass skewer shop/restaurant in Hue, hoping to be your familiar destination whenever you think of spring rolls. Some shops in which besides spring rolls also sell many other dishes such as vermicelli with seasoning, grilled pork vermicelli, and banh khot (banh xeo). Coming to Hue, if you still want to enjoy more delicious Hue specialties, you can refer to the information in the articles below.

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